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Engravings of Paintings by Charles Lucy (1814-1873)

Departure of the Pilgrims from Delft Haven

Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers

Charles Lucy (1814-1873) the historical painter, was born at Norton Canon, Herefordshire and studied at Paris and at the Royal Academy, London. He exhibited his first historical painting, "The Interview between Milton and Galileo" in 1840. He painted historical subjects and some portraits, which were frequently engraved.

Regarding the painting "Departure of the Pilgrims from Delft Haven" (engraving above) , painted in England around 1847. He won a prize for this painting at the Westminster Hall competition in London in 1847 and exhibited it at the Royal Academy in 1848. Charles Lucy also painted a view of the Pilgrimsí landing (top engraving) and this can be viewed on the following page.

View Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers

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