Images of Lesnes Abbey, Erith, Kent

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Images of Lesnes Abbey, Erith, Kent

Lesnes Abbey, founded by Richard de Lucy on 11th June 1178

Lesnes Abbey - view from east

Lesnes Abbey - view of the ruins from the east

Door in west wall of Cloister Squint window to Frater pulpit stairs

Door in west wall of Cloister ....... ....... ....... Squint window to Frater pulpit stairs

West Cloister wall and north aisle of Church

Door to west Cloister wall and adjacent wall to north aisle of Church with putlock holes

East wall of Dorter from outside

East wall of sub-vault below Dorter (Dormitory) from outside

Stairs to Cloister from Dorter

Stairs leading to Cloister from within Dorter sub-vault

North wall of Frater and pulpit steps

North wall of Frater (Refectory) with bay tree mentioned by Stukeley and pulpit steps

Jamb to Chapter House doorway

Base of jamb to left side of Chapter House entrance doorway

Coffin of founder, Richard de Lucy in Presbytery

Coffin purported to be that of the founder, Richard de Lucy in the Presbytery

Piers of central tower to Church

The north-west and south-west piers of the central tower

Encaustic tiles adjacent south-west tower

Decorated encaustic tiles in the pavement adjacent to the south-west tower pier

South-west pier of central tower

The south-west pier of the central tower is the best preserved

Responds to north-west aisle

Stone responds in the wall to the north-west aisle of the Church

Stiff-leaf design on column bases and responds

The distinctive 'stiff-leaf' design used extensively on all column bases and responds

Today Lesnes Abbey is in ruins. The demolition and clearance of the site for building stone was efficiently carried out after its dissolution on 1st April 1525. Only contemporary or slightly earlier Abbeys such as Romsey Abbey near Winchester or Buildwas Abbey can give an indication of its original scale. A consistent pillar or column base was used throughout the church with a 'stiff leaf' design at the corners; unusual in England and only found at Dunstable Priory and St.Cross Hospital, Winchester, both constructed around this date. The construction of the church at St.Cross commenced just 25 years earlier and is probably the closest representation of how Lesnes Abbey would have looked when completed.

View exterior of the contemporary St. Cross, Winchester

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