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An historical photograph of Charlecote, Warwickshire published by Norman Lucey.

Charlecote 1892 by Norman Lucey


Charlecote in Warwickshire has been the home of the Lucy family since the 12th century. The present Elizabethan red brick house was built in 1551
by Sir Thomas Lucy. A new extension, constructed during the restoration of 1833, added a library and dining room. The Lucy's of Charlecote descend
from the marriage of Walter de Cherlcote, the son of Thurstane de Montfort, with Cecily one of the daughters of Lord Lucy of Cockermouth and
Egremont in Cumberland. Walter inherited the estate in 1189. The Lucy emblem of white pike or luces 'hauriant' is emblazoned everywhere in the house.

These enhanced computer generated images of the exterior of the house were created by the author from original glass magic lantern slides.
They are some of the earliest photographs taken of Charlecote. Higher resolution copies are available on request.
The photographs were taken before 1892 by George Washington Wilson (1823-1893) of Aberdeen.

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Published by Norman Lucey
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